Women’s Health Center

We continue to evolve and expand to serve the needs of our community. In response to an identified need to advance the quality of healthcare for women, we are on the cusp of taking another critical step in our growth on the UHC campus.

United Hospital Center is building a state-of-the-art Women’s Health Center, which will change the way women in our community access healthcare. Architectural drawings are currently out for bid, and groundbreaking will be in the fall.

This new center will provide an exceptional, calming environment for the women of our community to gather, receive first-class healthcare, and experience pivotal moments all under one roof. A place where women can receive the care they deserve for themselves and where physicians and healthcare providers can collaborate, communicate, and build a community around the needs of the extraordinary women in our lives.

United Hospital Center is asking for your support because we believe that a strong community is something we can only achieve together – thank you for joining us.

Naming Opportunities are available. For more information, contact Lora Edgell at Lora.Edgell@wvumedicine.org or 681-342-1455.